silky nautral urly brazilian hair

curly brazilian hair:
How to curly short hair with a headband
These heat curly are bouncy and add volume to your hair, and this methods is the most easy to sleep in. If you begin this with your hair dry, when you wake up and take the band out, your hair will be waiver, rather than curly, styles.
1- Wash your hair. Since you’re not using heat to curly here, it’s best to start with fresh wash hair. Wash your hair as normal, and then allow it to dry naturally, or soft blot it with a towel, until it’s just slight damp. While your hair is still damp, apply a flexible curly products like a gel or cream if your hair is very straight or an anti-frizz serum if you need it. You have to leave your headband curly in last night, so it’s best to do this in the evening. With damp hair, your curly will last longer.
2- Comb it properly and make sure there aren’t any tangle.
3- Find a thin entend headband. A thinner headband will work best, about 1/2 inch to an inch for width. A soft entend fabric will be more comfortable to sleep in. Ensure to your part is where you want it to be in the morning, and place the headband around your head– go over the hair at the back of your head rather than underneath it. At the front, the band should be just under your hairline. You can leave the bangs out (or very loosely wrapp) if you don’t want them to be curly up on your forehead.
4- Start wrap pieces of hair around the whole headband. nautral urly brazilian hair ,Start at the very front, take a small strand of hair and tuck it underneath the headband, twist slight as you go. Keep work your way around your head wrapuniform sections of hair around the headband just as you did at first. The tighter you wrap the hair, the tighter the curly will be, and vice versa. The looser curly will add more volume.
5- Finish at the back. Once you have wrap all the hair around the headband on both sides, you will be left with a single strand of hair at the very back. Twist this until it curly upward toward the scalps, then secure with a bobby pin. If you want a little more volume at the front, push the headband upward toward your hairline. This will create volume and prevent you from getting a red line across your forehead!
6- Leave it overnight. Now all you need to do is go to sleep with your hair secure in the headband. If you are concern about frizz, try sleep with a plastic shower cap over your head.
7- Remove the headband. In the morning, remove the bobby pin secure the urly brazilian hair at the back, and then gently pull the headband out of your hair. Using your fingers to gently separate the hair and work and work it into the desire shape.

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