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How to Curl a downtown hair salon Wig,read this article:Before you start, check it, if your wigs is heat resistant; you can use a curling iron if it is. Otherwise, follow the instructions below, or your wigs could melt!

Whether you are using clip in hair extensions or proper wigs to hide the thin hair, wigs can serve a lot of purposes and they are fun to do. Having said that, it is very important that you know how to care for natural hair if you want to keep the natural look of the hair for a long time period. When you invest in natural hair wigs you need to put in extra efforts to make sure the hair looks new and great as ever. You should be aware of how to moisturize it, curl it, brush it, style it, clean it, and a lot more things. here are some of the important tips that will tell you how to care for natural hair.

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1.Select a section of fibers to be curled.
2.Wrap the fibers around a rod of some sorts. The bigger than the rod, the bigger than the curls
3.Dip the rod on hot water between 158 to 178 degree Fahrenheit, make sure not to exceed 185 degree. Allow fiber to stay in the water for 15 seconds.
4.Remove and gently towel dry and allow to cool to room temperature.
5.Remove rod and style as you want. The curls will come out after a few washing or if you straighten them.n the best method to achieve the most natural looking result.

Washing your full lace wig is another important aspect when knowing how to care for natural hair. You should wash the wig the tenth time you decide to do it. However, the washing of your wig depends on the places you wear the wig too and how dirty it gets. Also weather conditions and what you do when you are wearing the wig also impact the time of washing your wig. Both natural hairs, as well as synthetic hair, need to wash after a certain time interval, but the way they’re washed is entirely different.

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