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Q&A – Is Ponytail Bad? :Question:
Many sister want to ask this question

I don’t know whether I should let my daughter have ponytail to look good or not. Because I have heard so many bad things about ponytail.


Ponytail is one of the wonderful hair style for girls. This make it easier to take care of the easy tangle hair. But you should be careful with the ponytail because it could abuse the hair causing permanent damage and loss to your daughter’s hair.

First of all, do NEVER use rubber band. Rubber band makes too much friction with the hair wig for sale which usually causes the hair damage. Especially a band with metal clip pulls out the kinky hair leading to the serious hair damage.

A band made for only hair wrap with soft fabrics would be good for maintaining ponytail and the hair. Still, you should make sure that your daughter take off the band before she goes to bed.

As a rule, strands are attached to the roots, so under their hair is not visible. After fixing all the strands inside the hair mass, all the hair on the head is lowered down and neatly straightened. Your irresistible hairstyle from lush and long hair is ready

Natural and artificial overhead strands are a convenient, fast, modern way to make hair longer, lush, more expressive, the hair style is more original, and the woman is happier.

When you make a ponytail for your daughter, do NOT pull out the hair wig for sale too much or too strong. Pulling out the hair with too much strength damage the scalp and causes the alopecia which is the loss of hair

duce the appearance of wrinkles’. Although moisturising benefits the skin, it won’t eradicate wrinkles.

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